Top Companies That Facebook Acquired In Few Years

Top Companies That Facebook Acquired In Few Years

Today, Facebook is a home of 2.2 billion people that make it the largest social media platform in the world. The company has a humongous asset by a total amount of $70 billion and that is the main reason why it is evolving so rapidly.

Since its launch, Facebook has amassed various streamline companies via merging, acquisition, and its own development team. In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 companies that have been owned by Facebook.


As per 2018, the total number of active users on Facebook is 2.2 billion and it’s still growing. Well, this sound very pleasant, but it brings many challenges with it. When you deal with 2 billion plus people around the globe, language can be a major issue. In 2013, Facebook acquired Jibbigo which is a translation app that uses speech recognition software and offline translation features.  With the help of Jibbigo, Facebook managed to develop a cross-language chat platform and News Feed post that can be posted in multiple languages.


When Facebook acquired Instagram, a mere startup that time in 2012 for $1 billion, most media gurus thought Zuckerberg had made a great mistake. During that time, Instagram consisted of only 13 employees and had only 30 million users. Well, things proved to change very differently- today, there are around 500 million users available on Instagram and serve as the largest photo sharing platform in the world.


Developed by the team of Facebook, messenger turned out to be very handy in making the process of messaging easy. Today, around millions of people are using this great app for instant messaging, photo sharing, voice calling, video calling, around the world.

Oculus VR

Facebook completely surprised the tech world, when it acquired Oculus VR for $2 billion in 2014. During that time Virtual reality or better known as VR was a very new concept. Today, the company has started creating its own specialized headsets that are pretty much have started to dominate the industry and the game developers are now also focusing on creating games compatible with VR.


 Among all the acquisitions made by Facebook in the last few years, purchasing WhatsApp for $19 billion was the most significant and major deal. Today, WhatsApp is considered to be one of the most preferred platforms for a person-to-person chat. In the last 4 years, WhatsApp witnessed a whopping growth of 419 million people, while Facebook on the other hand, only managed to get 145 million users.


In recent years, the number of cyber-attacks has gone to a whole new level. Security is the biggest concern of various companies working online, especially for Facebook which contains the information of billions of people. That’s why Facebook acquired privateCore in 2014 to make sure that its massive data center remains protected from malware attacks.

Wrapping it up, there are plenty of other globally-recognized companies as well that are acquired by Facebook. However, all the companies mentioned above were purchased on a heavy price deal and are widely popular across the globe.

Effective Ways To Get Quality Customer Feedbacks

Effective Ways To Get Quality Customer Feedbacks

Every business owners do their best to please the customers and fulfill their needs so that they stay loyal to the brand. Knowing whether the customers are satisfied with your service is very important. If you don’t have any idea what your clients think about your service, then you will not be able to provide them with the best customer service.

Customer feedbacks give a clear insight on whether your product or service is working well or not and what can be done further to make it better. It also acts as a trustworthy source of information for other audience as well who have shown some interest in your product and service.

It helps a lot in creating a good image of your brand, higher ranking and also gives the necessary competitive lead in the market. This is the reason most of the businesses encourage their customers to give feedback. Below are 5 tips that can help you to get more customer feedbacks:

Have a profile on multiple sites

The first thing that you need to perform is to know about all the websites where you can get customer reviews, then create a profile so that you can interact with the customers. Sites such as Yelp, Google Local, Yahoo Local, TripAdvisor, and Angie’s List are some of the great platforms where you can create your profile.

Make it easy to give reviews

The ground reality is that the majority of customers will not put much effort to give a feedback. This is why it is your responsibility to encourage them to leave a comment and make this process as simple as possible for them.

Send a friendly email

There is nothing wrong in asking for just a feedback from your customers. After all, they are a service provider and customer relationships are two-sided. Ask politely, and if they are really happy with your amazing service, they will definitely leave a comment.  You can send them personal emails and ask them to give a feedback.

Conduct a Survey

Conducting a survey is probably one of the best options to get feedbacks. They are easy to set and are highly effective and scalable.  There is one thing that you need to remember that try to keep the survey short and precise. People are busy in their life and no one has 20-30 minutes times to spare just for a survey. Tailor your survey with the questions that can help you get a better understanding of the customers.

Stay highly active on social media

Nowadays, most of the internet users spend their majority of the time on social media platforms. This makes it a great platform for brand awareness and to get honest reviews. The best thing about the social media platform is that they provide a great opportunity to get in touch with the audience. This way you will stay connected with your existing customers and also target the potential customers

By being consistent with the efforts of feedback request and reaching multiple channels to receive it, you will definitely gain results. It will help you immensely in providing a great customer experience and establishing your business.