The Right Way To Do Guest Posting

importance of guest post

Guest posting is one of the most important tools of SEO and is also a great way to enhance your brand presence while making your company a trustworthy and popular name among users of the internet.

Content creation is the best way to make your presence much more reliable on the digital platform and under content creation, there are various sub-categories which can be used like website content, blog commenting, etc.

Although there are various blog posting websites, you should always choose the one which has at least an average DA and PA with regular and genuine visitors. Guest posting is not an easy task as you might face many rejections while succeeding in only some of them.

So let’s look at the some of the considerations which you might keep in mind in order to go through a seamless guest posting.

Follow the guidelines

Different guest posting websites have different submission guidelines. You should be very precise while writing content for a guest posting website and keep the submission guidelines in mind. Some guest posting websites ask for content of more than 1000 words while other demand image attachment with the guest post.

Every guest posting website has a particular page which is dedicated to the submission guidelines and the requirement for a seamless guest posting is clearly mentioned on that page. Take a look at the submission guideline before even starting to write the content.

Proofread carefully

Most of the gust posts get rejected because of bad grammar, poor readability and other mistakes. The editors at the guest posting websites have the job to check your content for these mistakes but they will not forward it for publishing if they will find errors because they are not sitting there to proofread your content.  So it is always good for you to proofread your content before submitting it for publishing

You can use various grammatical tools for proofreading your document because sometimes your eyes might miss some minor or repetitive errors.

Choose guest blogs of your expertise

The guest blogging websites are always looking for new, unique and expert blogs which will add value to the loyal and regular visitors of their websites.  If you have expertise of a particular industry then you should search for guest blogging websites of the same category. This way, you will be able to write good content which will have the right essence of your expertise and in addition to this, you will also be able to target the right customers  who will be meaningful for your business.

Guest posting is not a rocket science and it can be done successfully if done while keeping a couple of things in mind.  It is a great way to build good backlinks, get new customer, enhance website ranking and bring more traffic to your website.

Front-End Tips for WordPress Bloggers to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

for WordPress Bloggers to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

It is commonly seen that most WordPress bloggers are unknowingly repeating some common mistakes every time they create a blog post. Here are focused some of the common mistakes that actually impact your bottom line considerably.

Not Using Featured Images

WordPress attracts readers using striking images. Unfortunately, most bloggers don’t know the proper position of placing these images and they end up doing the mistake. Not only this end up making a mess with their exact post, it will also not display the themes, in case you are customizing your website.

Blog Index Having Social Media Share Buttons

Most bloggers do blunder by putting social media share buttons on the homepage of your blog. It not only makes the page load slowly, it adds the webpage to the clutter.

Not Building Your Permalinks

Permalinks are excellent tools that make your blog post get highest recognition. Without a good link structure, your website will look spammy and you won’ get maximum traffic from major search engines.

Small Font Sizes

Body of the content should be 16 pixels with a maximum of 150% line gap. The most important is to fix your font size and give your readers the ease of eyes to read your post. Make sure to use a darker grey color or black. Black color on white background will do the best job for you.

Archives for Old Blogs

Make possibility for showcasing old blogs for increased page views. But you should avoid putting the archives in the sidebars because the links only make the sidebars messy, long and cluttered. Moreover, the post will lose attraction.

Reported with Spammy Comments

Spammy comments and links to your blogs will only bring your website ranking down and make your site look unauthentic. Use Conditional Captcha to reduce your spam count down to zero.

Excessive Categories or Tags in the Post

Categories and tags help you and your visitors to organize content. Putting a post in several different categories and tags clutters up a website, and contents with too much keyword stuffing, is bad for SEO. Make sure to consider a real content structure with defined categories and descriptive tags. This will make your visitor easy to navigate the blogs you post.

Ignoring Website Security

Website security is a crucial aspect and over time you will learn many things that will make WordPress more secure.

At the basic level, security starts with your usernames and passwords. A few years ago, every WordPress installation came with username admin for the administration account. This gave hackers and stalkers an easy target to hack your password and it is the standard thing they will try to exploit.

Now, things have changed over time. Admin is no longer the standard login while some people will opt for it by themselves.

Most WordPress bloggers are unknowingly repeating some common mistakes every time they create a blog post. Reading the common mistakes will actually help to know how it impacts your bottom line considerably.

Why should CPAs start blogging?

CPAs start blogging

Accounting and blogging would have been two odd talents for a same person if we were in the 90s. People would have never been able to relate accounting with blogging or any other digital form of writing, but with the passage of time, the perception and practice of people took a 180- degree flip.

Nowadays, everyone knows the power of blogging and how people are earning 6 digit figures only from blogging. According to the current trend of SEO and strategies for getting your site rank up in the search engine list, blogging is one of the most powerful tools.

Most of the accountants are present on the digital platform and everyone fights to rank higher because that’s how one will get traffic to his website and increase the number of clients. A CPA who regularly blogs is always benefited from it because, in addition to allowing the CPA to show his expertise, he is building his online audience which comprises of potential customers as well.

So, let’s see why CPAs should start blogging and how they can get benefited from it.

It shows you are updated

Whether you believe it or not, but blogging is a way of showing the world that you are matching the pace with the advancement of time. You should regularly blog about the topics that are trending or which are very popular. For example, you can write a blog about the benefits of migrating from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks cloud hosting.

By showing the world and your audience that you are updated with time, you will be able to leave a positive impact on their mind which will unnoticeably contribute towards the growth of your business.

Blogging enhances your SEO strategy

Search engine determines your website on the basis of keywords. Build a list of keywords which are relevant to your business and which are mostly searched by your potential clients. After that, try to incorporate them into your blogs.

This way, you will be able to improve your search engine ranking and become more visible to people. Without using keywords in your blogs, you won’t be able to get the benefit of SEO from your blogging practice and if you can take down two targets with one bow then there is no problem in doing so.

Personalize your accounting practice with blogging

You must be going an extra mile to make your clients feel special and extend your list of satisfied clients. Blogging, however, is a great tool to reach the potential clients who are not aware of you and your expertise. By blogging, you put a brand to your name and that’s how you personalize your accounting practice and become more visible to more people.

Blogging and accounting practice should go hand in hand because now the current era demands versatility. If you are a CPA and you haven’t started a blog yet, then don’t be afraid because it is not a rocket science and it can be done without even investing a single penny.

So, there is a very unique concept when you get up that is morning, There is nothing delay, If you are a CPA and thinking to start a blogging then I am going to mention some guest blogging websites below. You can start blogging with them. I hope it will be fruitful for your business.

# Website name Category
1. Technology
2. Technology, finance
3. Technology, travel and finance
4. Technology
5. QuickBooks hosting, tax software hosting.
6. Technology
7. Technology, finance, entertainment, social media, etc.
8. Business, finance, technology, entertainment, etc.
9. Marketing, technology, travel, finance, social media, etc.
10. Technology, social media, etc.
11. Technology, finance, business, social media, etc.
12. Blogging, content marketing, technology, business, etc.
13. SEO, Content Marketing, Cloud Computing etc.
14. SEO, web designing, WordPress, internet marketing, etc.
15. Finance, SMEs, entrepreneur, etc.
16. Technology, social media, business, etc.
17. Cloud Computing
18.  Blog Directory


List of the top 15 guest post websites for seamless guest posting approval

Making your presence stronger on the online platform is one of the main objectives of all the businesses who are present on the internet. The traditional concept of what “What is seen is sold” applies to the Google Search as well and that’s why every websites fights to rank in top whenever someone searches for a relevant keyword.

Search Engine Optimization has now become like an air for the businesses. Without proper SEO, the survival of the business looks quite tough and therefore, more and more money and mind is being poured into the SEO of the business.

There are now SEO experts who use a plethora of ways to make the website rank higher. In such situation, the keywords play a very important role, but your business can’t focus on every keyword and become no.1 in the Google Search results.

There are various ways through which you can enhance your Google Search ranking like blog commenting, business listing and working on DA, PA but  one of the most effective ways through which you can easily rank higher and which was consistently a strong part of SEO strategy even after the Penguin update came in 2016, is guest posting.

There are various benefits of getting links from guest posting as the quality of the link is very good and it helps you to rank higher while enhancing your domain authority as well.

Guest posting can do wonders to your business as it brings traffic, allows you to get backing, meet like-minded bloggers, get a new audience base, increase the number of potential clients and do much more.

You should also make your motive of guest posting very clear and that’s how you are going to get the maximum benefit out of it. For example, you can guest post for bringing traffic or for increasing backings. But whatever your motive is, you should always guest post on related websites.

List of easily approved guest blogger

If you start searching for the guest post websites then you might get confused as the list of guest posting websites looks endless. And that’s why we have compiled the list of the top 15 reputed guest posting websites where you can seamlessly post your article or blog and get all the benefits of guest posting for your website.


# Website name Category
1. Technology
2. Technology, finance
3. Technology, travel and finance
4. Technology, Computer
5. Technology , Accounting
6. Technology, finance, entertainment, social media, etc.
7. Business, finance, technology, entertainment, etc.
8. Marketing, technology, travel, finance, social media, etc.
9. Technology, social media, etc.
10. Technology, finance, business, social media, etc.
11. Blogging, content marketing, technology, business, etc.
12. SEO, web designing, WordPress, internet marketing, etc.
13. Finance, SMEs, entrepreneur, etc.
14. Technology, social media, business, etc.
15. Cloud Computing, Internet, Web hosting.