Web Design Trends to Follow in 2018

Web Design Trends to Follow in 2018

Website design is not a static process and it keeps on changing from time to time. Thus, what it was the trend of website design in the previous year doesn’t appear to be ruling in 2018. Some would be used while others would be obsolete. As humans are always on the move, web design services are no different. In this article, we will explore the latest web design trends which are going to rule in 2018 and later.

Top Web Design Trends in 2018


Animations are considered as the most convenient way to generate ideas and to make a complex design easily understandable for the users. While individuals have less time to go deeper into any matter, an animation is the best possible way to serve the client with new ideas wrapped in an exciting and engaging manner.

Color Attraction

Over the years, the world has observed various styles and techniques of using colors for websites and for anything on the web. The designers are dedicated to create striking color combination with uncommon combinations which is attracting the eyes of the users.

Generally, what people buy what they see, and people see what attract them. Paying attention to choosing the right color will definitely put a positive influence on your clients’ mindset. The advanced technology and the potential of various colors are encouraging web designers to combine various patterns of unusual colors.

Creative Typography

In this competitive market, typography can work wonder and its utility seems to be widened with time. According to the experts, typography is a powerful weapon the prospect of which is better.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI or artificial intelligence is more than just a sci-fi thing. In fact, web designing has already encountered with the AI technology through various conversational interfaces. Even you are using an AI in your day-to-day life without even knowing about it.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence is popularly working these days by powering the voice assistant AI facilities such as ‘Google Home’ or ‘Apple’s Siri’. Self-driving cars, smart home devices and chat-bots in websites are popular AI examples.

As people are taking more and more advantage of chat-bots in websites, the trend of machine learning and AI are in demand. Occasionally, the web designs will work by making AI natural and invisible. It is sure that in future you are going to experience the next generation web design and development which will deliver a great intelligence.

So, with the above mentioned four web design trends, web design services are surely going to be a great hit. When it comes to develop a website, just follow the above designing trends and this will keep you on the safer side. Yes, there are again a few more additions in the list of latest web design trends. But the above mentioned are the bestselling cakes in the market.

Website design is entirely a dynamic process and different designing trends always appear and disappear. Some of these remain the same, while some trends get modified. Tracking the trend is quite difficult and this article explains the latest web design trends in the market.

Functional Website Design for Effective Marketing Campaigns

Functional Website Design for Effective Marketing Campaigns

A company’s website is their virtual store, and it needs to be more and more effective. Even the most efficient marketing campaigns could fail invariably if their store is a poorly designed website.

Your marketing strategy might speak a volume about your business. It is the one that should catch the attention of prospective clients, but it is your website that will implore them to make the final purchase thereby, providing you with some real ROI.

This article will help you understand the significance of a quality web design, and will put some arguments so as to make the basic concept “web design” much more understandable.

Influences Search Engine Optimization

A large number of businesses go for website redesign these days because they feel that their current designs may be incompetent for a steady Google ranking. The first step is to eliminate duplicate content from the site and it is the easy part. In addition, an important thing is that your website design contains options for inputting Meta descriptions, ALT tags, and other valuable things. Considering that these are some of the elements of SEO, you need to incorporate these into your website design.

Drives Conversions

Who doesn’t love to drive higher conversion rate to their websites? Of course, it is more than just purchasing a product or a service. The conversion rate is calculated on the basis of website visitors who successfully complete the desired action. And a skilled website development expert can provide you with an efficient design that can improve the text, layout and online forms to effectively boost your conversion rates.

It is very important for you to explain your goals to the people designing your website so that they design it according to your need. Moreover, they can provide you with an attractive website, but also one that is user-friendly and effective when it comes to improving your conversions.

Better User Experience

For any website design, user experience is a key factor that must be kept in mind and it has a direct impact on the marketing campaign. For example, you can create top-quality content and upload on your site, and then advertise it in various channels. However, if your website lacks user-friendliness, then the entire effort will be useless because all that you have done to drive in people won’t work as the visitors will not consistently stay around to check out the content on your website as well as your product.

Strengthen Your Company’s Message

When your business is online, your website design means a lot. It is important for raising brand awareness and giving a clear statement when it is time to speak about your company’s goal. But it is also there to convey the message of your company and grow emotions in your potential users.

Some aptly done designs in combination with the right color choices in the background can have a stronger impact than a blog post or other activity ever could. Website design can play numerous roles in a marketing campaign. It can act as a support system for reinforcing the desired messages. Thus, it is a powerful tool that can educate new users and let them make a new purchase, just by using effective website design.

A well-designed website is responsible for making a successful marketing campaign. Whatever effort or money you invest in a marketing strategy can be wasted if you don’t have the right website design to provide with the right kind of support.