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Debunking the Myths of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

QuickBooks is one of its kind technological marvel that has become the most trusted accounting software in no time. Its functionality has been revitalized by QuickBooks cloud hosting giving it the well-deserved push. Despite its enormous usability cloud hosting is still surrounded by the clouds of doubt and misbelief that surely needs to be cleared off. Below are some of the eye-opening facts regarding these myths.

Economically on a dearer side

This is not at all true if one has the vision to avail the long term benefits. Its use can be increased or decreased as per requirement making it flexible and customizable and one need to pay for only those services that are availed. Cost of setting servers can be saved effectively. There is no headache of updating software. It helps in cutting the expense spend on maintaining an upfront IT department and that amount can be used for other useful purposes.

Prone to security breach data theft

Of course, when data is to be stored online it means involving a third party and trusting others with one’s own belonging is quite a daunting decision to make. One needs to realize that when hosting service provider’s name and credibility is at stake, it will make sure it will live to the expectations of the clients. For this, all such valuable data is in encrypted form so that privacy of data is not compromised. Moreover, data is stored on a private cloud and everything is password protected. Cloud service providers spend a lot on this aspect to ensure maximum security. They maintain a separate team to handle such situations. There is also security of data during any unlikely event of data lost during any natural disaster. Furthermore, businesses have the advantage of choosing between a public or private cloud.

Losing access to control over data and troublesome data retrieval

One may fall prey to this myth that as there is no tangible instrument in an office, the data is inaccessible. This is far from the truth as with cloud hosting, one can have a stronger hold and management of their data and files, minus the struggle of maintenance that involves huge cost.

Involves high-end technological know-how

In reality, it is very user-friendly. With little initial training, one can become a pro in using it.

Means, that the person who wants to use it doesn’t need to be a technical expert, a fresher can also learn it quickly

No technological support

Lack of customer support was another issue that was a pain before Cloud came to their rescue. Customer faced nil or a very little support  in case of issues due to lack of access to the customer support team due to various reasons geographical factors being one of it. Even if they do get in touch, there was no recording of client’s data and such data is inaccessible due to various other reasons like storage issue, or change of staff.

Cloud has revolutionised the way data is handled, managed and maintained. It offers round the clock customer support to customer through a dedicated team of expert. So, the customers can contact them whenever they need assistance.

Preferred by large business houses

In contrast, QuickBooks cloud hosting is a cost effective tool for emerging businesses, both small and medium, where they can cut on their unnecessary expense on useless applications and add on the expense of in house IT department and team. Because of their customizable nature they are highly recommended for SMBs.


Considering the huge impact that cloud technology is making in modern business practices, it’s a boon. The myths surrounding it are baseless and are a result of misinformation and presumptions that must be overcome with the right information. What is required to get the maximum from such a wonderful technology is, proper and well thought vision and planning.

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