Before we get started, let us answer one question- How do you identify which content performs the best on social media channels? By trying and testing, right?

If you do not test what kind of content performs better, you are missing out on something most important and most significant. There are specific kinds of content that have the potential to generate more traffic and user engagement than others- for example, your readers might respond better to videos than graphic visual representations.

There are various elements that make up your social media content strategy that should be well optimized and tested as well. This includes correct posting times, calls to action and other important metric.

Testing Plans

Below are outlined some simple strategies for creating a plan to test your social media content.

  • Posting at the Right Time – There are specific time or specific day that can drive in more engagement or traffic. Built-in analytics on the social networks will let you know which days or hours these can be. Carry out a test by posting variety of content at different times to determine how you can generate better results.
  • Call to Action – You should know what it takes to carry out call to action successfully that will resonate with your audience. When you ask users to leave a comment, click through to an article, or perform any other action, it creates the chance to a next level of call to action.
  • Displays– Colors are appealing when it comes to marketing. By upgrading the visual elements of social media graphics or embedded posts, you may be able to increase your clicks.
  • The Tone of Expression- Audiences in social media platforms prefer to be spoken in a different tone depending on the social network they are using. Some prefer to be professional and formal, while others like to casual while social networking. Make sure you are applying the right tone for each social network channel. In this way you can be able to figure out what your audience responds best to.

Follow Current Trends

Every industry has its own trend, and social media is no different. There are always some new strategies that produce great results due to changes in consumer demands and behavior. To find out which trend is being used in this sector, take a look at the industry leaders. Study their social media accounts and make a note of:

  • The content type that they are promoting
  • How they express their views to their audiences
  • Any creative or unique marketing strategies

Social media marketing is an essential practice for any business, but to generate the best ever result, you need to perform meticulous testing methods.

It all begins with a detailed analyses and effective testing plan. As mentioned above, your tests have to be simple and don’t be complex, but it is important to get additional benchmark measures to compare against, in order to ensure that you are simply maximizing your efforts, and generating best results.

It is needed to test what kind of content performs better. If you are not testing, you are definitely missing out on something most important and most significant. You should know that there are specific kinds of content that have the potential to generate more traffic and engagement than others.

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