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List of the top 15 guest post websites for seamless guest posting approval

Making your presence stronger on the online platform is one of the main objectives of all the businesses who are present on the internet. The traditional concept of what “What is seen is sold” applies to the Google Search as well and that’s why every websites fights to rank in top whenever someone searches for a relevant keyword.

Search Engine Optimization has now become like an air for the businesses. Without proper SEO, the survival of the business looks quite tough and therefore, more and more money and mind is being poured into the SEO of the business.

There are now SEO experts who use a plethora of ways to make the website rank higher. In such situation, the keywords play a very important role, but your business can’t focus on every keyword and become no.1 in the Google Search results.

There are various ways through which you can enhance your Google Search ranking like blog commenting, business listing and working on DA, PA but  one of the most effective ways through which you can easily rank higher and which was consistently a strong part of SEO strategy even after the Penguin update came in 2016, is guest posting.

There are various benefits of getting links from guest posting as the quality of the link is very good and it helps you to rank higher while enhancing your domain authority as well.

Guest posting can do wonders to your business as it brings traffic, allows you to get backing, meet like-minded bloggers, get a new audience base, increase the number of potential clients and do much more.

You should also make your motive of guest posting very clear and that’s how you are going to get the maximum benefit out of it. For example, you can guest post for bringing traffic or for increasing backings. But whatever your motive is, you should always guest post on related websites.

List of easily approved guest blogger

If you start searching for the guest post websites then you might get confused as the list of guest posting websites looks endless. And that’s why we have compiled the list of the top 15 reputed guest posting websites where you can seamlessly post your article or blog and get all the benefits of guest posting for your website.


#Website nameCategory
2.http://mytechtravel.com/Technology, finance
3.http://fabublogs.com/Technology, travel and finance
4.http://techypeach.com/Technology, Computer
5.http://techely.com/Technology , Accounting
6.http://trouns.com/Technology, finance, entertainment, social media, etc.
7.http://triptattle.com/Business, finance, technology, entertainment, etc.
8.http://ninebucket.com/Marketing, technology, travel, finance, social media, etc.
9.http://paulstalk.com/Technology, social media, etc.
10.http://tektost.com/Technology, finance, business, social media, etc.
11.http://runtoremain.com/Blogging, content marketing, technology, business, etc.
12.http://theseoblogs.com/SEO, web designing, WordPress, internet marketing, etc.
13.http://gotomymoney.com/Finance, SMEs, entrepreneur, etc.
14.http://thebizblogs.com/Technology, social media, business, etc.
15.http://thecloudblogs.com/Cloud Computing, Internet, Web hosting.


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