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Orphan Pages: What Is It & How To Fix Them?

Google and the majority of other search engines index a page either by following the links from other pages or finding the URL listed in the XML sitemap. So, in order to get recognized by Google, your page should have a link connected to it somehow. However, if a page of your website does not contain any links of any other pages, then it is said to be an orphan page. Here we will know about orphan pages briefly. So let us get started.

A page having no internal links will create two problems- Firstly; it will become difficult for any user to visit that page. Secondly, Google bots may not even sense its presence and will prevent link equity from being passed along. If the page is not being visited by any users, then it will be left unread and won’t play any role in the conversion, thus making the page completely useless in terms of SEO.

Therefore, the first and the foremost thing that you need to keep in mind while creating a page is to make sure that it has a good number of links in it. However, if you have any orphan pages in your website and you have no clue about how to fix it, then the following points will help in getting rid of all your problems.

Below are some points that can help you in finding orphan pages and will also know how to fix them:

Keep your Sitemaps are updated regularly

The first thing that you need to understand is that if any of your pages are not available in the sitemap, then they will never be indexed, no matter what. So, observing all the URLs included in the sitemap will help you in finding an orphan page easily.  In order to find the pages that are not linked to others, you need to first have a complete list of all the pages that exist on your website.

Use a crawling tool to find orphan pages

Orphan Pages

There are plenty of tools like DeepCrawl, SEMRush and more that can be used to detect any orphan pages and that too very quickly.  One good thing about both the tools is that they can easily be connected with your Google analytic account. So, you can see all the orphaned URLs just by clicking on the orphaned pages present in the Google analytic section.

Coming up with a plan for link building

Orphan Pages

After getting the complete list of all the orphaned URLs, your next step should be filtering the pages that need linking, redirecting, and deleting. One of the biggest reasons of an orphan page is considered to be the temporary pages that are created during the promotions or sales, and are not removed after the event is done. You should remove the low-quality pages which are not contributing to bringing the traffic to your website, while all the useful pages that are main contributors of your website ranking and traffic should be definitely linked.

Even if you are able to identify all the orphan pages of your website and manage to fix them all, still you need to keep a regular eye on all the URLs of your website as there will be still a chance for the emergence of orphan pages in the future.

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