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Strategies to Handle Negative Reviews with Social Media Reputation Management

About Reputation Management

“Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” Abraham Lincoln

People may give various explanations about online reputation management. Many marketing executive fail to understand how poor online reputation management has a big impact on company’s revenue and can damage company sales. Some may consider it just a simple task to monitor social media, while believe that it has got some important task to do with public relations, and others have literally no idea how it can impact business and sales.

The internet and most trending social media has introduced a new way of interactive channel for customers to express their views and complain about defective products or poor services. It is true that often a disappointed customer will spread the news about their worst experience to many people but a satisfied one remains silent. Today, the internet is a platform through which discontented customers can tell the world about their experience and how unhappy they are with a particular product or service in seconds. If you ignore it, the situation won’t change and the problem gets worse.

How and where we should respond?

As major brands get better at their digital and social media marketing, they risk alienating consumers, even when such enterprises understand that social media marketing depends upon conducting sincere conversations with customers. After all, we consumers don’t always appreciate a conversation with a big company, even a sincere one.

Social media, including Facebook, Twitter, throws light on the negative events fast and very publicly. When any misfortune happens to your brand, news travel like wild fire, so everyone must be prepared to act in response quickly and more professionally. Below are mentioned some tips to evade such instances and protect your company’s reputation.

  • Utilize tools to monitor all social media communication platforms for any negative event happens.
  • Always get a plan ready in advance to face any incidence that hampers your company’s name. Get a team ready in advance to respond and face the challenge. The team will efficiently handle the situation by discussing negative events, determining the best response and addressing the issues as fast as possible on all social media channels.
  • Use the common social media platform like Twitter and Facebook to proactively broadcast new launch and company news. Add a link to the landing page so people can read the news about your company that you are promoting.
  • Use the social media channels to promote Press Release that broadcast your company events and awards and recognitions you have achieved. The mantra is to promote your own brand name.

Social media is a multi-dimensional. It is one of the most powerful and efficient tools that can make or mar your interest. You need to monitor your brand name and keywords all round the clock and make sure to respond quickly to requests. Address to negative statements and complains immediately to minimize damage and manage further risks. What is important is to respond to all the negative impacts quickly in a positive and helpful manner.

Target the Right Audience

With over millions of users on social media platform like Twitter, you need to target particular audience you want for effective result. Many uses are there who are using the account just to go with the flow and they are least interested in what you have to sell. You need to be specific and choose only the right audience so that your message reaches out to the right people. You don’t want to sell your product to the wrong product. As you find potential customers, follow them and add them to your Twitter list so that it is easier to monitor them.

To sum up, if negative comments are hampering your interest, never ignore those comments. Address them at the right time and this way your brand and company reputation will improve.

Online reputation management is important to sustain your company’s brand name. Internet is the platform through which customers can spread a word about your company and their experiences and how unhappy they are with a particular product or service. If you ignore it, the situation won’t change and the problem gets worse. Addressing it at the right time can help to protect your company’s reputation. 

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