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The difference between Remarketing and Retargeting

Today, thousands and thousands of businesses are turning online to reach the massive number of audiences available on this great platform. Every business is trying their level best to outdo each other and take the lead in this competitive market.

In order to do this, various tools and campaigns are being used for the promotion of businesses. Among them, there are two terms that are often confused- remarketing and retargeting. Even though they sound similar, they both are quite different from each other. In this article, we will be throwing some lights on these two topics and will take the time to understand the difference between them. So let us get started.

 What is Remarketing?

Basically, remarketing is the process of re-engaging with customers mostly via email marketing. Well, the situation of remarketing arises when a visitor performs a certain action on the company’s website.  For example, suppose a visitor add something in their wish list or remove something from their cart, then business will try to perform remarketing by sending an email to the visitor.

Well, remarketing is one of the most effective tools to promote business and reach potential customers.  The reason being that majority of internet users have email accounts. Therefore, it is easy to reach so many customers and that too instantly.  In plain and simple words, remarketing is a medium that is used to remind the visitors when they have left something behind while visiting your business site.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting, on the other hand, refers to the re-engagement strategies that include placing online ads, display ad, implementing campaigns that are specifically designed to target the audience who have once visited your business website but left without making any purchase. Well, this is the main difference between retargeting and remarketing.


Basically, the working process of retargeting is that when a person visits your business site and performs any action that you want them to take, then a cookie is set in their browser that creates a browsing history and you can use this information to retarget them with ads specifically crafted on the basis of their action. This is the very reason why most of the companies consider retargeting as a very effective method of promoting business.

Advantages of Remarketing and Retargeting

  • Brand Awareness-: The more the people are exposed to your brand; the better will be the chances that they will make a purchase from your business.
  • Improve the conversion rate: Both help in improving the rate of conversion exponentially for all your existing advertisement campaigns.
  • Better ROI: As the conversion rate improves significantly, the Return of investment (ROI) increases proportionally too.
  • Reduction in Loss: Remarketing and retargeting allow you to reach the visitors again, who have left the site without making any purchase. Therefore, it gives you a golden chance to bring a lead back again and try to make them your customer.

When and how to use retargeting and remarketing?

So by far, you must have understood the basic difference between retargeting and remarketing. Now let us know when and how to use both of them. Firstly, you have to grasp the fact that both retargeting and remarketing serves the same purpose i.e. to increase the conversion rate by interacting with the users who have shown a certain interest on your business site or desired to make a purchase but couldn’t do it.

When it comes to remarketing, it is ideal to use this tool when email marketing is the best medium available for you to interact with the consumers. Retargeting, on the other hand, have some limitation as you can deliver only a fixed amount of content to the consumers. In this situation, email provides a bit more space. Therefore, remarketing is effective when you are trying to remind your customer and include other promotional kinds of stuff as well.

However, if want to reach a large number of audience and be more flexible in the location of your content, then retargeting is the right choice for you. It is important for you to know one thing that remarketing only allows you to reach audiences who have already visited once, whereas retargeting allows you to reach new and old consumers both.

Wrapping it up, this was the complete introduction of both remarketing and retargeting. Both of them are highly useful when it comes to reaching the audience for business promotion.  Now from the next time, you will be able to use these two tools more effectively.

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