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The Different Uses of Cloud Technology

Technological advancement has given us many gifts and one such gift which has changed the whole world and our perception as well as the cloud technology. Although the cloud technology has been in existence for a very long period of time but it took some time for its evolution in order to make it an all in one solution for the whole world.

Now, the cloud has become a part of our daily life and we can’t imagine today’s world without the cloud technology. There are many people who use the cloud technology in their life and still they are not aware of it.

So, in this blog post, we will be looking at some of the uses of cloud and how it has been woven into our daily life.

Cloud storage

One of the very well planned and useful implementations of the cloud is the cloud storage. Now people can store their files, folders, photos, videos and all other things on the cloud and then can access it from anywhere. This cloud technology has also made the sharing of the file among employees and other people very easy. There are many cloud storage platforms available and they are completely free till some particular storage space.  Google drop box is one of the best examples of cloud storage platform and how it is being used by businesses and all other people around the world.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is another great example of cloud uses. If you are having a software solution which is cloud compatible then you can easily host it on the cloud through a cloud hosting provider and then access the software and its files from anywhere. QuickBooks cloud hosting is the best example of Cloud hosting in which the client hosts his QB software on the cloud and get high uptime, bank-level security, round the clock customer support and many other brilliant features. Many SMEs are also going for the cloud hosting because it’s cheap and very useful.

Social media on cloud

Have you ever wondered how you are able to upload a photo on Facebook and then it becomes visible to all your friends? You are also able to access the photo from anywhere and at anytime. All this has been made possible by the very effective cloud technology. All the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are based on the cloud model. This is the reason why many people use the cloud technology in their daily life and still aren’t aware of it and its benefits.

This is just a glimpse of the uses of cloud technology because if we will go on listing all the different uses of the cloud then this blog will never end as the cloud has a wide array of scope and uses.

With the advancement of time, cloud will become much more useful and after being bundled with advanced technologies like AI and machine learning, it will step onto another level of evolution.

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