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What are the Effective Ways to Utilize a Blog to Improve SEO Results?

Considering the importance of blogging, every company has a blog these days. Unfortunately, very few organizations know how to utilize their blog content to maximize SEO results.

Here are the simple ways a blog can improve organic visibility of your website, drive traffic and give results.

Creating an Attracting Blog Name

You may visit a company’s website and have noticed that the name of the blog is just “Blog”. This is not good at all. The team should be more creative and descriptive when naming the blog section of a website. Remember, the blog name is also an optimization opportunity. Ask yourself these questions-

  • What is the principal theme of the blog?
  • What would be a powerful and compelling description in your industry?
  • Can you incorporate some SEO keywords in the blog’s title or name?
  • Who is your target audience?

Reaching Out with Your Blog Post

It is recommended that each blog post to be written specifically for a particular section of your target audience. This will allow marketers to create content that is highly optimized for specific sections of customers and contain targeted keywords related to specific needs.

Implementing an Effective URL

Worthwhile to mention, an effective URL naming convention is good from the point of optimization.  It is also good for marketers and website visitors for the following reasons-

  • It makes easy result reporting– Study shows that some companies do not include “/blog/” in their URL syntax when publishing the blog on their website domain. This can make it difficult to track the overall progress of the blog within analytics. It is productive when you include /blog/ in your URL structure to improve blog results reporting.
  • User-friendly URLs- When it comes to create the URLs for each post, many marketers do it a wrong way by including every single word in the title of the post in the URL. This can lead to long URLs. Try to make blog URL short and relevant. Remember to leave out conjunctions such as ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘but’ etc. within your URLs.

Optimize your Blog Regularly  

Regular optimization of your blog is good on SEO ground. Optimization doesn’t always require new website content. Look for additional ways to optimize existing blog posts. Reviews existing website content and identify opportunities for on-page SEO. Here are some of the best possible optimization techniques for your current blog content-

  • Add internal links to other pages on the website.
  • Add optimized images
  • Link your post to another related post.
  • Review title tags and Meta description to check whether targeted keywords are included.

 Focus on Social Media Sharing   

  • There are multiple benefits of sharing blog posts on social media.
  • It keeps your social media sites current and active.
  • It keeps your audience engaged.
  • Since social activities may help in ranking algorithm, it improves SEO results.
  • Social links help increase traffic

It gives a positive result when you share your blog post on social channels. Try to add a few sentences describing about the post or a brief summary. Remember to include targeted keywords within the social media posting as these definitely help with rankings.

You must realize the potential SEO benefits of your blog. Create a powerful blog name, create optimized content, optimize your blog URLs and share your blog content via social channels. Noteworthy to mention, a blog is one of the fastest and convenient ways to implement website content and improve SEO results.

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