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What does it take for a Website to Rank in Google?

What it takes to rank in Google and how much waiting time you need before you hit one of the top positions?

There is no short-cut way of ranking a website in Google, neither there is anyone you can predict how long it will take to get to the first pages.

Google has said that they are using various factors in their ranking algorithm but the most important factors that are related with the time it takes to rank in Google are the following:

Domain Age

A website that is old and reliable has greater chances of ranking higher in Google search results than a newer website. However, this doesn’t mean that a new website fails to achieve better rankings but it means it will take more time to rank.

Clean Domain

This factor can work according to your efforts in order to rank in Google. A clean domain is a website that has not been penalized by Google or got an algorithmic penalty.

Competitive keywords you want for Google ranking

There is high competition especially for the most popular keyword, so you should always be selective while the keywords you want to rank for.

If you try to choose popular keywords believing that this way you will get more traffic generation, chances are that you are not going to achieve much unless you have a trusted website.

What you should do is to target low competition keywords until you get higher rankings for those and then try for popular keywords.

SEO Optimized Title

Adding an SEO optimized title is a more powerful tool than you think. If you are a new blogger you have a relatively new website, with a normal author profile and a few incoming links to your website. If you create the best content but choose the less optimized title, you won’t rank for anything.  

Length of Content

The length of content does matter a lot for ranking.  It is true that lengthy articles are more likely to rank higher in search engines than shorter articles.

Fresh Content

This goes without saying but sometimes it is important to clarify the basics. Don’t expect to rank non-original content on Google or other search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is important

On page and off page SEO are the two essential tasks. They play a very important role not only for getting a good ranking to a new post or website but also on how long it will take to rank in the search engine result pages. A carefully built SEO Campaign will work effectively to speed up the time needed for new pages or posts to rank in Google.

It takes time and effort to get good rankings on Google. If you are running a new website then you may have to wait for a few months until you find your place in Google. If you are working in the right direction you can get more serious traffic from Google and other search engines.  

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