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What is digital marketing and how can it improve your business?

Although it may appear as complex to anyone with little online experience, the aim of digital marketing is really no different to traditional marketing. Simply put, this refers to advertising through digital channels which can be anything from a google advert or social media post to search engine optimization.

However, to understand its importance to a business, it is important to understand the many different forms of digital marketing:

Types of Digital Marketing

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO services or more broadly search engine optimization refers to the most prominent strategy in digital marketing. These initials stand for Search Engine Optimization and the aim of this process is to rank a website as high as possible in Google search results. Costing anywhere between $500 and $5000 per month, this service can appear as quite a large expense for businesses but the results are almost permanent and subsequent sales should speak for themselves.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click advertising is quite a different type of digital marketing in that it is always temporary. As opposed to other strategies, this one is short lived and designed for impulse or immediate action. However, it can be quite an expensive method and without identifying the right keywords or approach, pay per click can also be a complete waste of funds.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is arguably the most recent marketing strategy on this list and incorporates a wide number of platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. While this channel can certainly produce sales and direct enquiries, this is the best way to build a reputation or develop a relationship with an audience. There are many approaches which can be taken in this regard such as Influencer marketing which utilises a social media user with a large following to attract potential customers or leads.

Digital PR Marketing

While this is often a tricky strategy, it can be the most rewarding and this refers to any attempt at gaining exposure for the brand or business. At times this can be a news article or a publication which outlines the information and nature of a business. We can sometimes incorporate affiliate marketing in this bracket. Affiliates are the equivalent of a salesperson in the online world and this “person” will bring leads to the business in return for a commission.

Content Marketing

They say that “Content is King” and this is certainly true in the current market, for content is absolutely the best way to attract leads and potential customers over the long term. With a strong focus on search engine optimisation, the real value of such content is that it is permanent and utilizes every other aspect of digital marketing including social media. Video, blog posts, tweets and Facebook posts are all considered content which is considered the most influential marketing strategy in the modern day.

Importance of digital marketing for a business

Marketing will always use the same principles and general theory but the process is something which will continue to change as the world we live in continues to evolve. In this respect, digital marketing has overtaken traditional marketing in recent years. As you can see above, digital marketing is an umbrella term for many aspects of marketing in the online world and while is usually best to focus on one main area, any of the above can be used simultaneously as part of a larger strategy. Either way, digital marketing is currently the key to a successful business and should be both the short and long term focus for any new business in particular.

Written by:  Derek Cullen, PRO Content Writer, Deadly Content

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