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Which database software is Perfect for the upcoming Year For Business?

The contemporary business world is constructed on information that is hoarded in databases. But the challenge arises when businesses are unable to use the correct database with the correct structure for holding the information required and also unable to access data easily. Database platforms are numerous in number that enables the recovery of databases in varied methods. In the current times, databases are multi-layered, utilize a variety of query languages and function with numerous storage formats like XML. However, the concern mainly rotates around the experiences of the end-users & performance. If you or your employees really struggle to get information from a particular dataset, then you must know that the database is not functioning well for you. With all this in mind, we are now going to learn about some significant business database software that is straightforward & simple solutions but also incorporates a complex architecture.

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud – One of the best manufacturers of database software for small businesses, Microsoft Azure Cloud comes with numerous management & database software options. MySQL is Microsoft’s very important asset & a wonderful gift to present to the open-source community. Any WordPress development company of today’s time will use this software as Microsoft can easily cater to the competition presented by various database kinds like NoSQL, PostgresSQL with its cloud-based offering namely Azure. Though the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform is a first-rate service, its core is databases & database management. The pricing will depend on the Azure services that you are subscribing to.
  • Oracle – If you run a WordPress development company then it is very obvious that you will be on the lookout for client database software for small businesses. Choosing Oracle is one of the best choices you can make. This company has been the producer of amazing database products right from 1979. The database management system that you discover here is robust but complex. It is important for new users to undergo solid training. Oracle also embraces the cloud. 12c is its latest release that enables enterprises to direct & combine databases as high-quality cloud services.
  • TeamDesk – It is a highly customizable small business database software solution that users can very easily use. It has the necessary tools for crafting custom databases at a rapid pace & you do not even need any technical knowledge for that. TeamDesk operates on cloud via its own protected servers. This helps in saving money as you can cut down on the hardware costs. This business database software operates on Mac, Android, PC, iPhone, Windows phone, etc.

As you move forward to set your database, it is possible to select from a collection of predefined templates or else you can also build your very own. After completing this procedure, you can easily remove & add functionalities with the eventual growth of your business.

  • PostgreSQL – This database software in a business is object-relational & open-source one that can be witnessed in online gaming applications, domain registries & database automation tools. The community is an active one. The database management system runs on a wide array of operating systems like Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris, etc.
  • Knack – This database software company business model is applicable for businesses of every size. This platform is cloud-based and is utilized by startups, charities, educational institutions, etc. The software is equipped with a wide array of tools that help you in transforming the way business data is organized. It is possible to structure business data depending on metrics like emails, names, linking records together & attain enhanced insight into information by utilizing numerous equations & formulas. The interface can be easily used & you don’t need to know to code for using it.

Regarded as one of the best business database software, Knack offers you the option of setting up dashboards that are knitted out with pivot tables, charts, etc for receiving data insights on a real-time basis. Across datasets, you can even carry out searches & utilize flexible filters. There are pre-built templates accessible as well that enable you to set advanced databases at a rapid pace.

Most importantly, the software is equipped with e-commerce capabilities. Processing online orders, payments and donations are easy via integration with Stripe & PayPal.

  • Microsoft Access – Running a WordPress development company can pose a lot of challenges. Get professional help with database software like Microsoft Access as you hire software developers for really understanding how it works. Microsoft Access is the lighter weight edition of SQL server. This efficient software is extremely beneficial for eCommerce websites & numerous content management systems. Access is equipped with Microsoft Office Suite and the process is very simple for running it.
  • Informix – This business database software is offered by IBM. This is mainly employed by educational institutions but currently, it is finding its use in various corporate sectors as well. Informix has earned the tag that says “intelligent database” as the software integrates extremely well with spatial data, SQL and JSON. In context to customer satisfaction as well, the software is in the number one position.
  • Teradata – Businesses that need to manage big data must employ this business database software. It has gained recognition for crafting a few original warehouses. The software is also credited for rolling out the primary Wal-Mart database & this was 25 years ago. If your business needs to manage the Internet of Things, BI, and big data, you must employ version 15.10 of Teradata.


Whether database software is locally managed, managed by third-party or kept on the grounds or at off-site, every company will need it. As per the requirement of your WordPress development company, you must choose the business database software. You will require searchable & dependable database software for handling the continuous invasion of information. The correct DBMS will not only help in maximizing performance but will also decrease IT headaches. Get in touch with our software developers for learning more about the database system that is apt for your business. We are waiting to assist you. Contact us today.

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