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Front-End Tips for WordPress Bloggers to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

It is commonly seen that most WordPress bloggers are unknowingly repeating some common mistakes every time they create a blog post. Here are focused some of the common mistakes that actually impact your bottom line considerably.

Not Using Featured Images

WordPress attracts readers using striking images. Unfortunately, most bloggers don’t know the proper position of placing these images and they end up doing the mistake. Not only this end up making a mess with their exact post, it will also not display the themes, in case you are customizing your website.

Blog Index Having Social Media Share Buttons

Most bloggers do blunder by putting social media share buttons on the homepage of your blog. It not only makes the page load slowly, it adds the webpage to the clutter.

Not Building Your Permalinks

Permalinks are excellent tools that make your blog post get highest recognition. Without a good link structure, your website will look spammy and you won’ get maximum traffic from major search engines.

Small Font Sizes

Body of the content should be 16 pixels with a maximum of 150% line gap. The most important is to fix your font size and give your readers the ease of eyes to read your post. Make sure to use a darker grey color or black. Black color on white background will do the best job for you.

Archives for Old Blogs

Make possibility for showcasing old blogs for increased page views. But you should avoid putting the archives in the sidebars because the links only make the sidebars messy, long and cluttered. Moreover, the post will lose attraction.

Reported with Spammy Comments

Spammy comments and links to your blogs will only bring your website ranking down and make your site look unauthentic. Use Conditional Captcha to reduce your spam count down to zero.

Excessive Categories or Tags in the Post

Categories and tags help you and your visitors to organize content. Putting a post in several different categories and tags clutters up a website, and contents with too much keyword stuffing, is bad for SEO. Make sure to consider a real content structure with defined categories and descriptive tags. This will make your visitor easy to navigate the blogs you post.

Ignoring Website Security

Website security is a crucial aspect and over time you will learn many things that will make WordPress more secure.

At the basic level, security starts with your usernames and passwords. A few years ago, every WordPress installation came with username admin for the administration account. This gave hackers and stalkers an easy target to hack your password and it is the standard thing they will try to exploit.

Now, things have changed over time. Admin is no longer the standard login while some people will opt for it by themselves.

Most WordPress bloggers are unknowingly repeating some common mistakes every time they create a blog post. Reading the common mistakes will actually help to know how it impacts your bottom line considerably.

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