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Want to Manage Documents with QuickBooks? Use These Apps

Living in the 21st century means using technology in our day to day life as nowadays, technology has become a big part of our life. There are many people who are using the most advanced technology in their day to day life and they don’t have a single clue about how advanced that technology is.

The latest technology is pushing people towards more and more data and with so much of data, it has now become almost impossible to handle them on your own. Talking about the cloud technology, there is a huge amount of data stored on the cloud. And sometimes even the cloud fails to track and manage the date with 100% accuracy.

But if you are using QuickBooks, then you can be saved from the huge piles of data as QB offers many apps which makes the data tracking and management part of your life much easier, accurate and useful.

With the help of these apps, you will be able to focus more on your business rather than focusing on the organization of the data.

So, in this blog post, we will be taking a look at some of the top apps which can be used with QuickBooks in order to manage your documents.


When it comes to document management with QuickBooks, then SmartVault is the most famous and popular app. It is an online document management and secure file sharing app which can be easily integrated with QuickBooks. SmarVault offers you a single point of sharing, accessing and saving all types of document while integrating it with the cloud. You can perform various beneficial tasks with SmartVault like easy sharing of file with staff and clients, always accessible data, attach source file directly to transactions in QB, etc.


This advance document management software extracts the information from your receipt and other documents, and then integrates it with your QuickBooks accounting software, in order to make it simpler and advance. It has robust categorization and organization features with automated receipt and invoice capture. Other than this, it also has accurate data verification features and it makes your data available at your fingertips. You can also get benefited from the robust keyword searching option with the simplified expense report.


eFileCabinet has been specially designed for SMEs who have highly intensive paperwork with distributed workforce across different location. It covers a wide range of industries including gas, oil, retail store, healthcare, financial services, transportation and education. It easily integrates with QuickBooks and then helps businesses in maximizing their workforce through managing, storing and sharing of several types of documents. eFileCabinet is fully compatible with SEC, FINRA, NASD and HIPAA regulations.

While working with QuickBooks, you might sometimes feel that you need to enhance the document management capacity of one of the most robust accounting software and especially when your business requires lots of paper-intensive work.

In such cases, you can opt from the above-mentioned document management apps which easily integrate with QuickBooks and maximize its document management capacity.

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